Online Instant Recharge
You can recharge your Hello Bolo account online using a Credit Card
1- Login to your Hello Bolo account
2- Select Recharge Account option from Module Menu
3- Enter an amount you wish to recharge (instantly)
  ( 5% Bonus) Recharge By Credit Card over the phone
To recharge your account over the phone have your Visa or Master Card ready and call Customer Service 416-848-0117
Pre authorized by Credit Card
To Pre authorize your account have your Visa or Master Card Ready and Call Customer Service 416-848-0117
Receive 5% Bonus on credit card payment (Min $20)
  (10% Bonus) Payment Through Bank
Payment Through Bank is a safe, secure and convenient way of making Payments by using the online banking and telephone
banking. We accept Payments through all major banks.
To Setup Babatel as Payee
1- Login to your bank account
2- Select Pay Bills
3- Add Babatel as a Payee
4- Enter your Number (10 digit Phone number Registered with Hello Bolo)
To Make a Payment
5- Select Babatel as a Payee
6- Enter the amount you wish to recharge.
7- Account will be updated by next business day.

Please Select your bank below to proceed
Receive10%Bonus on payment (Min $5)till January 31st, 2022

   Online Purchase - Instant PIN
You can purchase Hello Bolo prepaid voucher online at
   Retail Store Locations

You can purchase Hello Bolo prepaid voucher from Phone Cards Plus stores